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Jarrod Heath Stevenson

Mr. Stevenson's primary focus is criminal defense, family law and appellate practice, both state and federal.  Having practiced in
criminal defense law since graduating from law school, Mr. Stevenson has a passion for helping individuals navigate their way
through the judicial process while ensuring that they receive all constitutional and statutory rights granted by the law.  Mr.
Stevenson also practices in the areas of family law, personal injury, real estate, oil and gas, small claims, garnishment and

Mr. Stevenson has argued before the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals numerous times successfully reversing juvenile, lewd
molestation, robbery, and drug convictions.  Mr. Stevenson’s cases and arguments have been published in numerous legal
publications.  Mr. Stevenson has also been lead counsel in cases resulting in the modification of several other criminal sentences.
These qualifications combined with his passion for litigation and experience in a broad canvass of cases has put Mr. Stevenson in
the unique position to offer his clients the highest quality legal assistance.  

The following list is just a few of the results championed by Mr. Stevenson's work:

  • NOT GUILTY - Lewd Molestation - State v. Stasyszen, Grant County CF-2012-10
  • NOT GUILTY - Child Abuse - State v. Ray, Comanche County CF-2011-228
  • NOT GUILTY - Possession of Marijuana w/ Intent to Distribute, State v. Primeaux, Kay County CF-2012-429
  • NOT GUILTY - Embezzlement x 5 - State v. Martin, Kay County CF-2012-282
  • NOT GUILTY - Grand Larceny & Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property - State v. Lovin, Kay County CF-2012-147
  • NOT GUILTY - Rape I, Forcible Oral Sodomy - Kidnapping - State v. Clardy, Kay County CF-2011-69
  • NOT GUILTY - Improper Use of 911 - State v. Hadley, Kay County CM-2012-814
  • NOT GUILTY - Rape by Instrumentation - State v. Park, Kay County CF-2011-508
  • NOT GUILTY - Manufacturing Methamphetamine - State v. Demko, Osage County CF-2011-339D
  • NOT GUILTY - Indecent Exposure - State v. Lofton, Noble County CF-2011-65
  • NOT GUILTY - Lewd Molestation - State v. Miller, Kay County CF-2011-108
  • NOT GUILTY - Lewd Molestation - State v. Damon, Washita County CF-2009-39
  • NOT GUILTY - Grand Larceny - State v. Vannoy, Kay County CF-2009-725
  • NOT GUILTY - Murder - State v. Daniels - Kay County CF-2009-733
  • NOT GUILTY - Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property - State v. Potter, Kay County CF-2008-542
  • NOT GUILTY - Probation Revocation - State v. Park, Kay County CF-2010-46
  • NOT GUILTY - Prison Riot - State v. Fox, State v. Fox, Kay County CF-2008-321
  • NOT GUILTY - Robbery with Firearm - State v. Coker, Garfield County, CF-2009-156 (Count 4)
  • NOT GUILTY - Possession of Marijuana - State v. Gigger, Kay County CF-2009-114
  • NOT GUILTY - Escape from Arrest, Failure to  Yield - State v. Duckworth, Garfield County CM-2007-394
  • NOT GUILTY - Probation Violation - State v. Thele, Kay County CF-2004-233
  • NOT GUILTY - Assault & Battery on Officer, Failure to Wear Seatbelt - State v. Bruner, Creek County CF-2007-216
  • DISMISSED - Rape First Degree - State v. King, Kay County CF-2013-403
  • DISMISSED - Possession of Marijuana - State v. Boucherie, Garfield County CF-2012-90
  • DISMISSED - Trafficking Methamphetamine - State v. Vazquez, Kay County CF-2012-670
  • DISMISSED - Burglary II - State v. Frazier, Kay County CF-2013-75
  • DISMISSED - Indecent Exposure - State v. Bariteau, Kay County CF-2012-481
  • DISMISSED - Lewd Molestation - State v. Beeson, Kay County CF-2012-797
  • DISMISSED - Child Pornography - State v. Whitman, Kay County CF-2012-107
  • DISMISSED – Lewd Molestation - State v. Shaw, Kay County CF-2011-182
  • DISMISSED – Assault & Battery with Dangerous Weapon - State v. Walden, Kay County CF-2011-545
  • DISMISSED – Burglary - State v. Johnson, Kay County CF-2011-348
  • DISMISSED - Lewd Molestation - State v. Shaw, Kay County CF-2011-182
  • DISMISSED – Domestic Assault & Battery - State v. Irons, Kay County CF-2012-326
  • DISMISSED – Sex Offender Living Within 2000 Feet of School - Hawkins v. State, Kay County CF-2011-187
  • DISMISSED – Domestic Assault & Battery - State v. Chaney, Kay County CF-2011-286
  • DISMISSED – Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property - State v. Brown, Kay County CF-2011-357
  • DISMISSED – Possession of Meth Within 2000 Feet of School - State v. Delaney, Kay County CF-2011-364
  • DISMISSED – False Personation of Another - State v. Elwood - Kay County CF-2010-397

Mr. Stevenson has also obtained relief for his clients on appeal in a many criminal and civil appeals.

  • SENTENCE REVERSED AND REMANDED - Burglary - Harmon v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2004-423
  • SENTENCE REVERSED AND REMANDED - Lewd Molestation - Noble v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2004-1065
  • SENTENCE REVERSED AND DISMISSED - Child Abuse - Mackey v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2005-58
  • SENTENCE REVERSED AND DISMISSED - Computer Crimes - Hunter v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2007-856
  • SENTENCE MODIFIED - Child Porn & Lewd Molestation - Prince v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2009-1002
  • SENTENCE MODIFIED - Burglary - Locust v. State - Court of Criminal Appeals F-2004-997
  • SENTENCE MODIFIED - Concealing Stolen Property - Shelton v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2004-871
  • SENTENCE MODIFIED - Failure to Register Sex Offender - Hargrove v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2004-666
  • SENTENCE MODIFIED - Burglary - Mills v. State, Court of Criminal Appeals F-2004-935
  • RULING REVERSED AND REMANDED - Property Dispute - Doyle v. Smith, Oklahoma Supreme Court DF-104698

Mr. Stevenson received a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communication and Debate from the Cameron University and later
attended the University of Oklahoma Law School where he completed his Juris Doctorate. Mr. Stevenson is admitted to practice
law in Oklahoma and the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma and the Tenth Circuit United States
Court of Appeals.

Mr. Stevenson is happily married to his wife, Kate, who is an Oil & Gas Consultant.  Mr. & Mrs. Stevenson have one son, Alex.
At Stevenson Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys represent clients from Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Moore, Del City, Midwest City, Spencer, Harrah,
Bethany, Guthrie, Chandler, Shawnee, El Reno, Mustang, Yukon, Kingfisher, Newcastle, Blanchard, Purcell, Seminole, Wewoka, Lawton, Duncan,
Chickasha, Tulsa, Sapulpa, Bristow, Drumright, Owasso, Okemah, Okmulgee, Broken Arrow, Stroud, Stillwater, Perkins, Perry, Newkirk, Ponca City,
Blackwell, Tonkawa, Medford, Enid, Pawhuska, Arapaho, Cordell, Sayre, Fairview, Alva, Cherokee, Pauls Valley, Ft. Sill Fort Sill, Tinker Air Force Base,
Vance Air Force Base as well as all communities throughout Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, Canadian County, Lincoln County, Logan County,
Payne County, Noble County, Garfield County, Kay County, Grant County, Alfalfa County, Major County, Woods County, Washita County, Custer
County, Beckham County, Grady County, Comanche County, Stephens County, Garvin County, McClain County, Seminole County, Pottawatomie
County, Okfuskee County, Okmulgee County, Creek County and Tulsa County.
Attorney Profiles

Jarrod Heath Stevenson         Thomas A. Griesedieck

Mr. Griesedieck primarily focuses his practice in the areas of criminal defense and family law; however, he is dedicated and
passionate about helping individuals in any matter they may require, including, but not limited to, civil litigation, collection and
garnishment, real estate, and personal injury.  In addition to the sample cases listed below, Mr. Griesedieck has extensive
experience and success in the following types of criminal litigation: homicide, robbery, sex offenses, drug charges, theft offenses,
bogus checks, and cases involving youthful offenders.

Mr. Griesedieck has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Mississippi and received his Juris Doctorate from the
University of Tulsa.  While in law school, Mr. Griesedieck was a senior staff member of the Energy Law Journal, and was
selected as the 2007-2008 Outstanding Senior Member of that publication.

  • WON AT TRIAL - Child Custody - Johnson v. Montgomery, Oklahoma County FD-2012-3136
  • WON AT TRIAL - Motion to Modify Child Custody - Parker v. Fields, Oklahoma County FD-2007-5280
  • WON AT TRIAL - Motion to Modify Child Custody - Schilling v. Schilling, Oklahoma County FD-2011-1705
  • NOT GUILTY – Burglary & Assault & Battery with Dangerous Weapon - State v. Rogers, Tulsa County CF-2011-142
  • NOT GUILTY – Domestic Assault and Battery - State v. Hawkins, Tulsa County CM-2009-4595
  • DISMISSED – Domestic Assault and Battery/Malicious Injury to Property, State v. Adkisson, Tulsa County CM-2000-1646
  • DISMISSED – Possession of Marijuana - State v. Culler, Tulsa County CM-2008-4228
  • DISMISSED - Possession of Contraband in Jail - State v. Brown, Tulsa County CF-2011-1642
  • DISMISSED – Possession of a Firearm After Former Conviction - State v. Linker, Tulsa County CF-2009-5897
Jarrod Heath Stevenson

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In November 2012, the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association awarded Jarrod Heath Stevenson
with the Clarence Darrow Award which recognized him as the best criminal defense lawyer in the State of
Oklahoma based upon his performance during the previous year.  

Mr. Stevenson won 5 jury trials in a row in 2012; of which 3 of those NOT GUILTY verdicts came in a 15
day period!